Animal Crossing: New Leaf – What to wear Wednesday (Issue 3)

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Who will be the next Doctor Who?

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Duck Dynasty – The Show that makes me ‘Happy Happy Happy’

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Animal Crossing: New Leaf – What to wear Wednesday

After taking a weeks hiatus, What to wear Wednesday is back! Wahoo I hear no one cheering, anywhere… But with that aside! I have found two cute shirts which I feel would seem… Continue reading

Animal Crossing: New Leaf – What to wear Wednesday

So I’ve decided that fashion can be quite an important thing within Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and with the introduction of the QR scanner sewing machine, the Animal Crossing fashion world has really… Continue reading

Why True Blood has just got awesome and a seventh season

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Why my love for Instagram has never faded…

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5 Reasons Why I love Animal Crossing: New Leaf

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The Eden Project – Why One Day is Plenty

Being ‘lucky’ enough to go to a university which is based in Cornwall, my parents often take the time to come and pick me up at the end of each term, and class… Continue reading

The Borgias – An Untimely End

With the finale of Showtime’s ‘The Borgias’ been and gone for at least a few weeks now, it’s come to my attention to the attention of others, that the decision to cancel the series, was a bit of a hasty decision and a mistake.

The show, set in the 1492 (or some time around then) was probably the best insight on the worlds most historial crime families, and also shown us how these great, real like papal dramas would look on screen. With each episode of The Borgias apparently costing around $2.5 million, doesn’t it seem slightly unfair to cut it off short, whilst also missing out the vital conclusion of the story?