Hemlock Grove on Netflix

When I started to write this post about Hemlock Grove, I was only two episodes in, and completely flabbergasted at how much of a car crash the whole thing seemed. BUT, I decided to leave the blog post because my comments and reactions were nothing but negative. So I just saved the post in my drafts, thought I could carry on watching and then return to the post or change it after watching a few more.

Well now here I am after a few more, and my opinion of the Netflix Original, Hemlock Grove has completely changed. The writing? It’s still a bit tragic, and so is the overall cheesiness of the show. But if you can put that aside, it is actually quite good!

The cast of Netflix's Hemlock Grove.

The cast of Netflix’s Hemlock Grove.

The supernatural whodunit, which includes a town full of potential suspects is based on Brian Mcgreevy’s novel of the same name , and is apparently meant to be a horror/thriller, but essentially simmers down to an edgy teen drama with a few half naked dead girls, the occasional C-bomb, and a few sex scenes just to make the baddest of teenagers seem a little bit more bad ass.

Even though Hemlock Grove contains no real plot, has too much dodgy acting, loads of cheesy swear filled lines and a pretty tragic attempt at a British accent. It includes vampires, werewolves and other supernatural things, so why wouldn’t you love it?

And.. even if you don’t love it…


Hemlock Grove Season Two is predicted to be released all at once in April.

I think that Hemlock Grove needs to be given the appreciation and acceptance that it deserves. It’s a teen drama, made for teens, and even though mainstream critics don’t appreciate it as a show, some people clearly do because season two is coming soon!