Don’t lose faith in NBC’s Dracula…

The cast of NBC's Dracula.

The cast of NBC’s Dracula.

Dracula, the new NBC drama has been around for five weeks now, and after its brilliant start, it’s now in steady decline. Which in my opinion, seems to be a shame.

The British-American ‘thriller’ heading Jonathan Rhys Meyers (The Tudors) as the titular character ‘Dracula’ is visually stunning, slightly cheesy, and is a nice welcomed change to the usual vampire shows that are currently out there (apart from you True Blood, I could never not love you).

Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Alexander Greyson/Dracula in NBC's Dracula.

Jonathan Rhys Meyers as Alexander Greyson/Dracula in NBC’s Dracula.

The acting is nice and flows smoothly; the only chink in the armour seems to be Dracula’s character… An American businessman, and even though Meyers American accent is nothing short of impressive, it seems to be a bit of a sore thumb, and really detracts from the amazing melodramatic talent that Meyers can easily portray.

However, even with a slow start to the series, a guarantee of drama is soon to kick in, with revenge on the Order of the Dragon looming, we are sure to see the series pick up with a good amount of action, blood and undoubtedly sex.

With the stellar cast, including alumni from Downton, Mr. Selfridge, Arrow and the BBC’s Merlin, NBC’s ‘Dracula’ clearly still has some punch left, and hopefully with it, an increase in ratings and a second series.