Peaky Blinders – TV Review

Peaky Blinders

Peaky Blinders, the new British gangster epic-drama to come to our screens has definitely not disappointed, and only one episode in the post World War 1, Birmingham based drama has really set a high bar.

Set in 1919’s Birmingham after World War 1, the show focuses on a group of gangsters called the Peaky Blinders hence the shows silly name. However, they got the name peaky blinders by having razor blades hidden in the flat caps, so that they could, well blind people… Which in my opinion takes away a bit of the silly!

With a stellar cast, featuring Cillian Murphy (Dark Knight Trilogy, Inception), Sam Neill (The Tudors, Jurassic Park), and Helen McRory (Harry Potter series, Skyfall) to name a few, Peaky Blinders has actually managed to hit the bar incredibly high in every aspect, apart from one thing.

The accents. But the incredible acting, intriguing storyline and superbly brilliant sets really opened my eyes to a time that wasn’t too long ago, in a place that I call home, and I find that makes it a really brilliant and fascinating watch.

With dodgy bookmakers, illegal bets, a new police officer in town, an appearance from Winston Churchill and hundred’s of stolen guns. Its obvious that the nitty gritty in these character arcs are only beginning and it seems almost certain that no character will escape unscathed.

Peaky Blinders continues on Thursday nights on BBC 2, with a chance to see episode 1 again on iPlayer, and if you live in the states, I’m sure it will be coming to a channel near you very soon.

What did you think of Peaky Blinders? Or are you excited just to give it a watch? Comment below and let me know what you think!