Television in Social Media

Television on a Social Media platform is growing. It’s growing so much that users can actually be rewarded for what they watch, but does that actually mean anything?

Yes. It means a lot, rewarding people for having an interesting in something they love, can help the TV show keeps its fan base, and allow it to grow through apps and websites.

A great way to share what you watch is through GetGlue. GetGlue is a social network for sharing what you watching with your

This is a sticker that you could unlock on GetGlue for the new season premier of Game of Thrones season 2. This sticker would get sent to you in the post, if you managed to unlock 20 other stickers.

This is a sticker that you could unlock on GetGlue for the new season premier of Game of Thrones season 2. This sticker would get sent to you in the post, if you managed to unlock 20 other stickers.

friends and family. The more you begin to check-in through your phone or computer, the more GetGlue will be able to create and personalise a TV guide that understands your interests, your friends interests, and programmes that they think you might enjoy.

What’s better is for every TV show that you “Check-in” to, you will unlock a related sticker to that episode (take note that it only applies to the shows original air date, and that you have to check in while the TV show is actually on).

Whenever you “Check-in” to a TV show, you have the option of telling your friends and family, by doing this you are creating conversation, promoting the TV show and also letting everyone know that they could be potentially missing their favourite programme on TV! You’d also be making people aware of GetGlue. For GetGlue and TV networks, its a massive win-win. However, it does come with its downsides…

  • It’s stickers – They take on average around 4 – 8 weeks to be delivered!
  • Where it’s available – Seeing as most big US shows, such as Game of Thrones, MadMen, and American Horror story are aired in the UK. It isn’t actually available here, however, you can check-in to the shows still (You may have to stay up till 4 am time zones providing) to get your stickers (I’m not sure if they send to the UK, I’m still waiting for mine to arrive).
  • You don’t need a television specific website for TV shows or networks though! Twitter, Facebook and YouTube are still valued members within the television community and still do a pretty great job, and they could be seen as more effective (seeing as these platforms are a lot more openly accessible to UK users).

Game of Thrones using Twitter and YouTube

There are many shows that use Facebook and Twitter, but many of them focus on accidently dishing out spoilers and don’t often use them effectively, however, Game of Thrones took a different approach on how to use Twitter to interact with its followers. In April 2012, the Game of Thrones twitter page, with the help of its fans got everyone to tweet in with the hashtag “#GOT140” and sum up the new episodes of Game of Thrones in 140 characters or less. If they liked what you had to say about the new series they would put your tweet, along with your Twitter username in a video, which contained some never before scenes from Game of Thrones. Here is the finished product.

This I think, personally, is one of the best ways to promote a TV programme, by creating a hashtag, fans and twitter followers were creating conversation and a trending topic, to let everyone know about Game of Thrones and what its like. With peoples tweets being short and sweet, people would be curious as to what people were talking about and then finally, there would be a video to let people know what it was for and why they were saying these things. This game HBO and Game of Thrones a huge opportunity to work with their fan base to create a mini online campaign to promote their TV show, because sometimes user interaction and a persons influence can leave a bigger mark than just a TV networks trying to advertise anywhere possible.

Once Upon a Time using Facebook

When a TV show gets a huge following, you get certain fans who like getting to know the characters even more. What did the character do before the world was about to end? What did they do when life was normal and care free? Well the TV Programme Once Upon a Time (let’s call it Once for short), created an interactive application on it’s Facebook page, which you can click here to view. You have to like the page to get involved, but its worth it if you are a fan of the series. You have to find certain objects from around Storybrooke (the world where Once is set). If you find these items, you unlock information on the characters you love, and the ones you hate. This allows the programme to interact with its fan and let them get a better understands of the world that they go into on a weekly basis. Not to mention how family friendly the application is, so parents can use the application on their Facebook, with their children for a few hours of entertainment.

Here are some of the images from the Once Upon a Time Facebook application.

True Blood using Youtube

True Blood created a series of video blogs from the character Jessica Hamby’s point of view, of what life is like as a teenage vampire. She would post videos on a weekly basis to let everyone know what it was like and tips for other freshly bitten vamps. The video blogs were released after the shows and they sometimes coincided with the previous episode. This allowed the character grow, and to let people see what the characters were like outside of the episode and the drama.

Admittedly this is more like an added extra to the series and they were just fun to watch, however, the still created conversation and tried to entice new viewers in a way different to most.

Here is one of my favourite Vlog’s from the series

I think there is still a lot of potential for television and social media to grow, but I think it can only get a lot more exciting and imaginative.