Animal Crossing: New Leaf – What to wear Wednesday (Issue 3)

It’s Wednesday, August 7 and that means what to wear Wednesday is back for another week! Wahoo I hear no one cheering, anywhere…

But with that aside! I have found an outfit which is perfect for Animal Crossing, especially as its based on a character! Which really makes it the perfect outfit to wear! Isn’t that great! Yes it is!!!

TAKE NOTE: Animal Crossing fashion is a lot different to real life fashion (this is for all of the real life fashionista’s who accidently

Gulliver's dress, and Gulliver's male shirt, styled by Gulliver!

Gulliver’s dress, and Gulliver’s male shirt, styled by Gulliver!

stumble upon this blog post, so don’t expect your Gucci’s or your Prada’s think Harry Potter meets the Wombles, or The Tweenies do The Devil Wears Prada, you know, something that may be a bit outrageous, quite lighthearted and quite fun. After all this is a game, and if you really do care about what you are wearing on it, you really do need to get a life… or a slap.

So without further ado, lets take a look at this weeks outfit!

As you can see to your right, that this weeks outfit comes in a variety of two styles, a Gulliver’s styled mens shirt and Gulliver’s styled dress, really giving you the chance to shake it up a bit, and that is really important, of course!

Also, with Gulliver only visiting every once in a blue moon, you can really show your appreciation and love for him by wearing this.

What made me choose this outfit?

Well, I really think the outfit shows the appreciation to Gulliver, and with him only popping into town every now and then, he is really forgotten, which is a shame!

So it only seemed fair to find an outfit which really highlighted your appreciation for him! Also, which the outfit coming in a shirt or a dress, its perfect for those friends who wish to dress the same but have the slight issue of gender! Also, with just the shirt, you can pick and choose from an unlimited amount of shorts, trousers and jeans, to really make anything work with it, allowing you to put your own little spin on things! Isn’t that great!

(Be sure to open the image in a new tab so you can zoom in! Or alternatively you can visit the website where I got the QR code images from here.)