Duck Dynasty – The Show that makes me ‘Happy Happy Happy’


The Duck Dynasty Cast

Duck Dynasty, a show thats getting more popular as time goes on, is actually, I think one of the funniest reality shows on television at the moment. With its unique formula that probably shouldn’t work on television,  but it does work, and it works really well.

With each show focusing on the Robertson family, a bunch of hill billy rednecks in Louisiana, USA, who became the owners of a multi-million dollar business by creating a duck call whistle (you can’t make it up really!) .

But what happens when a family of hill billy’s get such a crazy amount of money, when they originally started with nothing? A whole load of crazy. Quite literally!

With each show focussing on a new ‘situation’ or ‘problem’ within the family, whether thats focussing on frog hunting while playing golf, blowing up beaver dams, Willie’s daughter wanting to wear a short dress to prom, or Miss Kay going with her grand kids and their friends bowling and giving them all a sex talk, you really will find this wealthy family both relatable, and hilarious.

Duck Dynasty is a great show and such an easy watch, especially for a quick 25 minute escape. Think Real House Husbands of Louisiana with some added hill billy nonsense, a few good red neck one liners, a family that play more than work, and an old man that uses ‘Hey’ as a yes, no, next week and a maybe and is never without iced tea, you know you are really are onto a winner.

Not to mention the end of every episode ends in a family get together and a prayer that really captures the down to earth nature that the family has.

Give it a watch. It’s amazing.