Animal Crossing: New Leaf – What to wear Wednesday

So I’ve decided that fashion can be quite an important thing within Animal Crossing: New Leaf, and with the introduction of the QR scanner sewing machine, the Animal Crossing fashion world has really upped its game, especially within the online wifi community.

Blast off again with this awesome Team Rocket outfit!

Blast off again with this awesome Team Rocket outfit!

So with all of that said, what is the point of this blog post? Well, each week I’m going to try and find outfits within Animal Crossing, and post them on my new weekly blog feature – What to wear Wednesday! How exciting (I know, it isn’t that exciting, but its nice!)!

TAKE NOTE: Animal Crossing fashion is a lot different to real life fashion (this is for all of the real life fashionista’s who accidently stumble upon this blog post, so don’t expect your Gucci’s or your Prada’s think Harry Potter meets the Wombles, or The Tweenies do The Devil Wears Prada, you know, something that may be a bit outrageous, quite lighthearted and quite fun. After all this is a game, and if you really do care about what you are wearing on it, you really do need to get a life… or a slap.

So without further ado, lets take a look at this weeks outfit!

This weeks clothing items are from Pokemon’s very own wardrobe, and are the lovely Team Rocket grunt outfits!

Blast off again with this awesome Team Rocket outfit!

Blast off again with this awesome Team Rocket boys outfit!

With Animal Crossing: New Leaf having a massively huge Pokemon fan base, you can begin to appreciate how massively appreciated these would be if you were to wear them!

Also, with the Team Rocket Grunt outfits, you will definitely making a statement, I don’t know what type of statement you’ll be making… But a statement will be made!

Why did I choose this? Because I think it’s quite cute, especially when you are traveling, looking quite theatrical and different in Animal Crossing, so with this you are definitely doing that, and even though it is quite samey and predictable I guess, its still different and unique compared to the usual Mario attire.

Here are the QR codes for the grunt outfits, so make sure to pop into your local Able Sisters and get making!

(Be sure to open the image in a new tab so you can zoom in! Or alternatively you can visit the website where I got the QR code images from here.)