Why True Blood has just got awesome and a seventh season

Three dead fairies, two upset fathers, one Benlow, a few pissed off vampires, and a Season 7 announcement its nice to see that True Blood has finally got into the nitty gritty that is so familiar with Truebies everywhere and I love it!

What will happen to Andy Bellefleur's fairy babies?

What will happen to Andy Bellefleur’s fairy babies?

With Sookie and Benlow in a ‘romantic?’ embrace, Billith and poor Jessica trying to solve their fairy eating woes, we really have to wonder where the series is going, are we looking into another relationship encounter for Sookie, or is there really no hope for the blonde, apparently supernaturally resistible halfling?

With the previous episodes having so many unattached story arcs. Myself and others, were really worried about what was happening with who, why were we seeing Sheriff Andy’s children growing up so fast, what was the attraction? What the point?!?! But then we began to see that they did have a reason, and they managed to pull their arc together with Bill’s… It’s just a shame that it has potentially been slaughtered by our lovely Jess, unless the one remaining fairy daughter manages to properly pull through!

Mentioning pointless and boring story arcs, what was happening with our vampires? It felt like they were so distant from the real story, it seemed almost like a spin-off? Well, I guess after Truman Burrell declaring a curfew on vampires not to come out at night, it made sense that they were out of the story with the normal people of Bon Temp’s a bit, but its good that they are now being given a new lease of life in their newly found ‘Vampire Detention Centre’ I just hope that something interesting can come out of it, and hopefully that something that can stop Pam and Eric from just before where we left off…

With Sam and the shifter storyline, I was really excited to see what was going to happen, especially after Luna’s rather sudden but expected death. Especially now he was left as a guardian to Emma, but I really think the story is rather dry, there was a bit of a chase when Emma was kidnapped, and I was really excited to see where that was going. But then Sam just flew in, and flew back out with Emma afterwards, killing off any potential mid-season super drama with Alcide and Sam (which is disappointing).

With all this aside, I’m really glad that True Blood is starting to steer back to what it used to be like, and I’m really looking forward to next weeks episode, we left off with Pam and Eric and two stakes, Benlow finding his long lost maker, a blood that can now be synthesised and duplicated, Sookie having parent woes and Lafayette just being as great as he always is.

So if you haven’t been watching this season of True Blood, now is the best time to start because it’s great to finally see the True Blood that I’ve been waiting for, and not the True Blood I was hoping for, and if the story carries on picking up like they have been, then I’m really excited for season 7, which has just been announced by HBO. -swoons-