Why my love for Instagram has never faded…

I’ve had Instagram for over a year now, 136 photos and memories in. I thought I’d take the time to actually appreciate why I really love the photo editing App.

Over the past year, for Instagram a lot has changed. A controversial new terms of service, a billion dollar (or something like that) Facebook takeover, a redesigned more fitting logo and the introduction of video. It seems, to me, that Instagram is still doing a brilliant job at keeping the majority of us happy enough to keep going back for more. But why? Why is there such an appeal in photo editing software, and why Instagram? Why not the long list of other photo editing apps? Well I’m not entirely sure, but this is why I think people (mainly myself) loves Instagram.

A photo of a boat which has an Instagram filter edit.

A photo of a boat which has an Instagram filter edit.

The massive invitation to be creative without having to be creative. For photographers, it may seem like the casual Instagram user who doesn’t have an ounce of creative flare is probably ruining the photography world right as we speak. Cringing away at our sepia filtered food porn, while we appreciate and compliment what probably seems to be tragic in the eyes of a professional, a great work of art practically matching Da Vinci’s ‘Mona Lisa’.

Obviously, I’m not saying that every photographer has this opinion at all (or that any photographer has this opinion, in fact), it just seems like we’ve invaded this industry through an app, showing off our photos, begging for likes with our #hashtags, but what Instagram really does with its invitation to be creative, really lets normal everyday folk, like farmer John who managed to stumble upon an iPhone, began to look at the world with a lateral approach.

The result? Looking into things with a creative eye. Surely, creativity like this should be encouraged? People aren’t just seeing a puddle anymore, they are seeing beyond and through that, under and over that and look at a tree like a wooden tower of artistic greatness. This new approach to how we view our world, to try and find that perfect ‘Instagram’ moment, I feel, lets us take in and appreciate what we normally see as an everyday object or way of life, and transform it into something colourful, and potentially artistic showing the appreciation to not only your friends, but for others too.

Don’t you think thats great?

I do.