5 Reasons Why I love Animal Crossing: New Leaf

Animal Crossing: New Leaf, was released on the Nintendo 3DS a few weeks back, and ever since I’ve lost my life and became ridiculously attached to my little town called Gotham (unoriginal, yes. But it was the manliest name I could think of under such pressure!).

With hours and hours of playtime quickly clocked up, I started to ask myself… “Why do I even like this game? What charm does it have to keep me and thousands of other people going back for more?!” and actually, I managed to find the answers stupidly quickly, so I thought why not share it with whoever accidentally falls onto this page!

The premise of the game is simple really, almost too simple… You arrive into a small underdeveloped town where your neighbours are… ANIMALS! As soon as you move in, you are mistakenly appointed as mayor, and you apparently seem to stay mayor (they obviously aren’t that bothered about who runs their town…) and improve your town is various ways. You can catch bugs, fish, plant flowers, improve your house and also play and visit other friends through wifi. Admittedly, this little description isn’t giving it full whack it completely deserve, but its the charm that draws you too it!

So with nothing much left to say other than the actual reasons why I like it, and why others should like it, I really hope that I can at least manage to force at least one person, into looking into the game a bit further after this.

1. You can create your own town flag. 

My town flag in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

My town flag in Animal Crossing: New Leaf.

Batman, Mario, Donkey Kong, Kittens and even naughty images if you are really imaginative, can all be used for your town flag. You can design your own images, or import them through a QR machine (yeah, that means you can actually upload photos onto your game…) and use them on T-Shirts, shorts, floor pavings or FLAGS!

As your flag is probably the most important thing seen in town, it’s quite important to make a good impression, its also the first thing people will see when they visit through wifi! So make sure its a good one!

I went for the original Pokemon flag, which is quite common in most towns, but I couldn’t care less! I love my Dragonite flag and it shall stay in my town forever and ever and ever!

2. The friendly online community.

Waiting to go and play mini games on the island through WiFi.

Waiting to go and play mini games on the island through WiFi.

I guess this is going to be quite a big statement, but I think Animal Crossing may have one of or may actually have one of the friendliest online communities going, and everybody knows, when playing a game, sometimes you need the online players to give it a little bit of spice to shake it up a bit.

With massive community websites such as Animal Crossing Community, you can meet new people, share your designs (like the flags!)  and share your wifi codes and pop into each others towns!

You will find a few characters, but I am yet to come into contact with a troll, and I’ve added quite a few people, so I guess I am really lucky! It’s also a point to mention that the generosity also shows, people share their fruit, items and also help each other on public projects (you need to gather a certain amount of donations). So I guess its good to show that there is some faith left in humanity, even if it does live in the form of a game. For children.

3. Every character is well… A character.

The cool little drugged up Otter that visits if you have caught a scallop.

The cool little drugged up Otter that visits if you have caught a scallop.

From the duck who wants to go and pump iron with me, to the fox that comes into my town to sell me fake paintings to try and donate to my museum, Animal Crossing: New Leaf, really manages to give each and every character their own personality. That in my opinion is adorable! A great example is the lovely Otter that greets me when I’ve managed to find a scallop while diving. Not only is he an otter, he is a high otter. Yep, under the influence! In his little beanie and fixing up to other stereotypes like wearing dunagrees or overalls, this little chap always manages to put a smile on face. Especially when he has no regard for border control.

4. Your neighbours WILL ask you for a catchphrase. 

Anocotti proudly using her new catchphrase!

Anicotti proudly using her new catchphrase!

I think one of the funnest moments in Animal Crossing: New Leaf, was when I clocked on that when my neighbours asked me to give them a new catchphrase because theres was sounding rather dull, was that I could make them say anything, absolutely anything I wanted.

Well this was pretty much all that my 12 year old childish self could take, and I automatically made them say the cheekiest word that came to mind (Obviously, I didn’t go crazy and type ridiculously rude words, people can talk to my  neighbours!). With that all done and said, nearly everyone in my town are currently wielding the catchphrase boobs or boobies. Why? Because its amazing? Really? Yes!

5. There is still that element of danger.

Damn those pesky pitfall traps!

Damn those pesky pitfall traps!

I know, I’ve listed all of the cute things that AC: NL has to offer, but through all of the cuteness, there is still an element of danger that you have to fight off to keep your little person safe.

What is this danger you speak of? I hear you ask, well it comes in the form of;

  • Jellyfish
  • Pitfall Traps
  • Scorpions
  • Tarantulas

What a pathetically short list you say, well they are the only ones! The jelly fish stun you, the scorpions and tarantulas can knock you out, and the pitfall traps… Well they are the most traumatic of them all! They get you stuck in a little hole for a few minutes… I mean, if you wanted high action drama, Animal Crossing clearly isn’t the game you want to get… If you wanted a game like that, go and buy TombRaider or Call of Duty or something, not a game that has happy animals on the box.

I don’t know whether this will persuade anyone into purchasing animal crossing, but I do really recommend it to anyone, its a truly great game, that is actually really addictive. Also, its a nice change from the usuals games that keep being thrown out there, so I really would try it!

AND, if you already have Animal Crossing, let me know your friendcode! We can play on the island together!