The Eden Project – Why One Day is Plenty

Being ‘lucky’ enough to go to a university which is based in Cornwall, my parents often take the time to come and pick me up at the end of each term, and class it as a ‘weekend away’. And with every weekend away, there are various holiday tasks that need to be taken up.

With the weather being slightly disappointing on the day we planned to spend it wondering small Cornish towns by the sea, eating Ice creams, we decided that the Eden Project would be a great idea, as we can spend time in the biomes and if the sun decided to grace us with its presence, we could quickly escape and appreciate that much desired ice cream.

The Eden Project, once a clay pit but transformed into a beautiful piece of art is actually, quite a nice place to visit. With both biomes having different plants and climates pending on where its replicating around the Earth.

From inside the biome of the Eden Project.

From inside the biome of the Eden Project.

The Tropical Biome featured a wide variety of plants and trees, from banana trees, to giant bamboo, with coffee and natural rubber too. Which was pretty impressive to look upon, I’ll admit especially with the heights that some of these trees can go. Not to mention the authenticity that they have tried to go to, with including various huts, and stalls along with some vehicles. However, this is a word of warning if anyone does stroll upon this blog, DO NOT TRY the Baobab smoothie, it was actually vile. Whilst being kept and maintained at a tropical heat (which is actually so hot, they have a cool room where you can take a break if you want too).

The Mediterranean Biome, was cooler, and replicating heats that are a lot more bearable to walk around. Whereas the tropical biome, had an impressive look about it, the mediterranean biome really displayed itself to be a lot more visually appealing and pretty, with a small cafe, various depictions and stories of the God ‘Dionysus’ and marbled walls and tiled floors.

Outside of the biomes, were in all honesty, slight disappointing. There were a few nice sculptures and a few places to eat, but other than that it was just flowers (I know it’s the Eden Project, but it could be a little bit more than that!).

Overall, I’m impressed, but still slightly disappointed. They gave us a year pass, but honestly, I couldn’t see myself going again unless there was something completely new. However, I am looking forward to going closer to Christmas when they place an Ice Rink in there. I think think that should be good fun!

Here are a few of my Instagrams from the visit.