The Borgias – An Untimely End

With the finale of Showtime’s ‘The Borgias’ having been and gone for at least a few weeks now, it has come to my attention and to the attention of others, that the  decision to cancel the series, seems a bit of a hasty decision and a bit of a mistake.

The show, set in the 1492 (or some time around then) was probably the best insight on the worlds most historial crime families, and also shown us how these great, real like papal dramas would look on screen. With each episode of The Borgias apparently costing around $2.5 million, doesn’t it seem slightly unfair to cut it off short, whilst also missing out the vital conclusion of the story?

At first, fans of the show were promised by Neil Jordan, the shows creator that the show would see a four season sprint, respectively.

But who is to blame? Deadline reported that during an interview with Jordan, he explains how Jeremy Irons who plays Pope Alexander, felt that the story had come to an end, and didn’t really have much room for progression.

…while filming a pivotal scene in the Season 3 finale, Jordan said Irons turned to him and told him that “this feels like the end of something, that the family has come to an end.” While mulling a potential fourth season, Jordan said he wasn’t sure he had enough material for 10 episodes and wasn’t sure whether Showtime would want to commit to another season either.

Nearer the  shows end, we heard talk of a 2 hour film, to hopefully finish the characters story arcs and showing us Pope Alexander’s journey through hell after his death, where no one would hear his confession. Sadly, this biblical approach of a finale for a great tv series was quickly scrapped, with the issue of it costing too much.

Fan Fightback

However, there are many fans, who are currently battling to try and bring the conclusion to our TV screens, with online petitions, Facebook groups and other more ‘in your face approaches’ have come into action.

With the ‘Bring Back The Borgias‘ group on Facebook, are  currently making statements by sending tin of sardines to Showtime’s president referring backing to a line Pope Alexander says…

 We shall dine on sardines’ during Lent.

Hopefully, letting Showtime bosses that the fans feel deprived with the lack of any real conclusion and also hopefully, letting us see the epic conclusion that we was promised, instead of the lazy half-arsed, apparently finished unfinished historical story, that was actually really interesting to watch!